WATCH: Paul Ryan Tells Americans He Doesn’t Care About Struggling Families Living In Blue States

The Republicans are trying to sell their tax bill as some kind of saving grace for middle-class families, when over the next ten years, it will actually cost them more than it will save. When the GOP representatives try to push their lies, they are continually called out (unless they appear on Fox News). And that’s precisely what Paul Ryan was doing on CNBC, claiming that the extra $2,059 a middle-class family will see in the first year of the tax bill is going to solve all of their problems. Because getting a little less than an extra $175 a month will entirely pay for the health insurance premiums that are going to skyrocket because of this bill.

Besides having no idea what it is actually like to live paycheck to paycheck, Ryan continued. Making it clear that he doesn’t care about low-income or middle-class families in blue states. Either that, or he thinks everyone living in a blue state makes a lot of money. “It may be nothing to somebody making over $600 grand, it may mean nothing to somebody in New York or California,” he said about the minuscule tax cut.

The entire time he’s claiming that middle-class families in blue states don’t care about extra income, he has a smug smile on his face. This is why Randy Bryce might have a good chance of defeating Ryan in the midterm elections. At the very least, he doesn’t look like he’s happy about making people go hungry.

And Ryan is so proud of this answer, he tweeted the video himself:

His statement about not even noticing $2K if you make over $600,000 also shows how hypocritical he is. If someone wanted to tax the wealthy just $2,000 more, the would call it un-American, even though, as he says, they wouldn’t even notice.

And that disregard for the actual needs of low and middle-income families? That’s not nothing.


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