lorida Republican Official Says Black Residents Were ‘Lucky’ To Be Brought Over As Slaves

While discussing sanctuary cities, Cindy Falco-DiCorrado, a Boyton Beach volunteer board member, spewed racist insults at members of the community, telling Hispanic citizens to speak “better English.” But what got her into even more trouble was a statement she made to black residents: “You’re lucky we brought you over as slaves, or else you’d be deported, too.”

After her statements, the community called her a White supremacist, and on Sunday night, Falco-Dicorrado resigned.

In her letter of resignation, she claimed that there was a “lynch mob” after her—probably not even realizing how that is a racist thing to say as well. She also said she is NOT a racist nor a white supremacist (which I had to look up what it meant) I forgive them too.” If she had to look up what “white supremacist” meant, while at the same time telling black Americans they were lucky to be slaves, she should probably do some more research.

“I also heard that the City of Boynton Beach is being attacked through my stance on Sanctuary cities and things that I said that were taken out of context and it just keeps getting worse as those who have hate in their hearts only can hear and see hate,” she wrote. “I ask if anyone was hurt by things that I said that could of been misconstrued, taken out of context or due to misunderstandings to please forgive me. For the record I am NOT a racist nor a white supremacist (which I had to look up what it meant) I forgive them too.”

She added: “I see that a lynch mob was put out on me which keeps Boynton Beach in a negative light. I do love the City of Boynton Beach and I don’t want to see lies and vileness spewed for an agenda of a certain group.”

But Resident Mathi Mulligan, whom Falco-DiCorrado directed some of her insults towards, isn’t done fighting. “We will keep pressing on until the City Commission fires this white supremacist from a job that gives her direct power over the lives of people of color,” he said.


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