Fox News Wants Trump Build A Northern Wall…To Protect The United States From Canada

“Build the wall!” was a common chant heard during the Trump presidential campaign, and Trump’s promise to build a wall on the Mexican border was one of the reasons he won the election. Now, Trump’s favorite show is suggesting he build a war on our northern border as well.

Friday morning on Fox & Friends, Jillian Mele said that Trump “might want to think about a northern border wall” to seal off America from Canada. Mele believes we need this concrete divide because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently voiced approval for a new domestic policy that would allow “reformed terrorists” to return to his country.

In an upcoming interview that will air on CTV, Trudeau justified his position by laying out a reintegration plan, and he also argued that reformed terrorists will be “an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations.”

Of course, this isn’t the only reason Canada isn’t a friend to Trumpworld right now. During the United Nations vote this week on Trump’s Jerusalem embassy plans, Canada abstained from the vote, and the push to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was overwhelmingly condemned in the General Assembly.

According to Barak Ravid, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 10 News, Canada considered voting against the resolution calling on Washington to reverse its Jerusalem decision, but ultimately decided to abstain to avoid being perceived as too willing to align itself with the U.S.

The Trump Administration previously suggested that the U.S. would withhold funding to the U.N. and cut aid to countries who vote against America if the resolution failed.


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