Watch The Fox & Friends Idiots Fawn Over How Trump Holds A Water Bottle, ‘It’s So Cute!’

It’s not news that Fox News loves Donald Trump, and has quickly evolved into state media that reports on everything and anything Trump-related. But this morning’s episode really takes the propaganda cake.

Yesterday, Trump gave a speech touting the highlights and diplomatic accomplishments of his 13-day Asia trip, and during his talk he took a brief water break. Many quickly pointed out similarities to when Senator Marco Rubio drank water while giving a speech on live television, of which he was teased mercilessly, including by then-GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Thursday morning’s episode of Fox & Friends tackled this moment on their show, and mocked the people who teased the president.

But co-host and evangelical Christian Ainsley Earhardt really went for it. When they played the clip of clip two-handing his bottle of Fiji water, she said, “it’s so cute how he used two hands!”

Some may see this comment as a sweet and improvised reaction to a light and funny presidential moment. Others may see it as an example of infantilizing the most powerful person in the free world and Commander-in-Chief.


What do you think?