Marco Rubio Just Trolled Trump For Guzzling Water Mid-Speech, And It’s PERFECT!

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio just mocked Donald Trump for his awkward reach for a drink of water during a Wednesday television address, comparing it to his own famous hydration break during a 2013 TV appearance.

“Similar, but needs work on his form. Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time” Rubio tweeted.

Trump pointedly paused during his speech recapping his 12-day trip to Asia to take a drink of water from a bottle, clips of which quickly went viral on Twitter.

Trump has mocked Rubio in the past for drinking water during his response to then-President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, which featured a jolting reach out of frame for the Florida senator.


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